R.I.P. Michael Jackson Memorial.

Today was an historic day. It’s a day that we’ll all remember. The biggest funeral in history happened today. The curious thing was that millions of people were watching and dropping tears at the same time while little Paris said “(…) I love him so much..” 

Death is difficult. When you face it, you understand the pain, and the joy. The pain, because a person you love is gone. You will never see that person again, or touch his or her face, or embrace them. The joy because you thank God for the opportunity of sharing a piece of your heart with that person you love. 

Michael Jackson had a life full of controversy. Tabloids, journalists, and tv shows had been talking about his life all his career. People wanted to know wether if he was gay or not, or if he liked kids or not. I don’t think MJ was a pederast because he had children. Children don’t lie, and his have never declared such a thing as sexual abuse. 

I think the Jackson family deserves peace of mind now. I think his kids deserve peace now. It’s none of our business if the custody should be for the grandma or for D.Ross. It’s none of our business if his fortune is given to all the children in Africa. 

Michael Jackson had a troubled life. He deserves a peaceful death.



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